About the Journal

Journal of Signal Processing and Wireless Networks (JSPWN) is a double blind peer-reviewed, scientific and technical journal addressing the theoretical and experimental research issues in signal processing and wireless networks. JSPWN will highlight the continued growth and new challenges in signal processing and wireless networks, for both application development and basic research. It publishes tutorials, survey papers and original research papers considering theoretical and experimental aspects.

The scope of the journal includes all issues in the field of signal processing and wireless networks. A partial list of topics include Signal processing, Audio/Speech processing, Image/video processing, Signal processing for communications and wireless networks, Wireless Networks and Wireless LAN, radio, tactical and other wireless networks, Mobile and Broadband Wireless Internet, Networking and architectures.

Type of Contributions

The journal welcomes the following types of contributions.

Original research articles

Research articles should not exceed 30 pages (single column, double spaced) in length and must contain novel research and experimental results within the scope of the journal.

Review/Survey articles

Review/Survey articles are typically 30-50 pages (single column, double spaced) in length, and provide a comprehensive review on a scientific research. Research Letters/Fast Communications

Research Letter/Fast Communication

A Research Letter/Fast Communication is a short, article highlighting new research thoughts and experimental ideas in ongoing research. Such articles should not exceed 10 pages (single column, double spaced) in length not including figures or tables which should accompany the submission as separate files.

The target for a first reply is two months.

Online Submission

Authors should submit their manuscripts only online. No e-mail attachment can be entertained. Please follow the hyperlink "Submit online" on the left and upload all of your manuscript files following the instructions given on the screen.

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